The RADAR club maintains and operates two repeaters on Mt Archer (604Mts), one at Mt Alma and a UHF CH 3 CB repeater for public use north of Yeppoon. Our 2m repeater on Mt Archer (146.700MHz) is equipped with IRLP (node 6973) and ECHO Link. The second repeater on Mt Archer is a 70cm repeater (438.225MHz). Being linked to the central Highlands repeater system it provides coverage roughly the size of Tasmania. The Third repeater, located at Mt Alma (439.750MHz) is also available to 70cm operators. All of the clubs amateur repeaters require a tone of 91.5Hz

The club also provides and maintains a channel 3, UHF repeater north of Yeppoon. This repeater is provided as a community service and is regularly used by 4WD operators in the area.

2m Repeater:

VK4RAR Mount Archer (604Mts), 146.700MHz with -600KHz offset and 91.5 TONE Echolink VK4RAR-R 108959 and IRLP Node 6973

70cm Repeaters:

VK4RAR Mount Archer (604Mts) 438.225MHz with -5Mhz offset and a 91.5 TONE, connected to the Central Highlands Repeater System.

VK4RMA Mount Alma (806Mts) 439.750MHz with -5MHz offset and a 91.5 TONE.


Byfield/Five-rocks, (Byfield range, north Yeppoon) UHF CB CH 3, this repeater is provided as a community service and also used by 4WD operators in the area.


APRS Mount Archer (604Mts), 145.175Mhz APRS Digi VKRAR-3


VK4RMA Mount Archer (604Mts), 438.350MHz -7MHz offset, RPT1 VK4RMA B RPT2 VK4RMA G

The default reflector is DCS028Q Queensland



Contact Us

  • Clive Sait – Secretary
  • Callsign: VK4ACC
  • Mobile:  0429632815
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Annual General Meeting 3rd Monday of the month at the SES HQ North Rockhampton. nibbles, tea and coffee provided.  All welcome

Clairview Weekend – Labour Day long weekend, monster auction on the Saturday Night at the BarraCrab Resort Clairview

WIA Broadcast and Callback with Mike VK4LMB every Sunday morning at 9am on the 146.700 2m repeater

VK4WIR 80m Net with Brian VK4LH every Tuesday Night from 7.30pm on 3.613MHz

If you would like to be added to our email list with more information on our events please contact us